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About us

Hi, I'm Alexander, the owner of SVGStencil. I'm an artist from Ukraine, probably drawing is my calling, because I love what I do so much. Right now my favorite thing to do is to create small original designs. They are mostly used by plotter cutting vinyl, sublimation on clothes, making different stickers and stickers.


My story began in 2019 when I was selling my artwork on etsy. After realizing that people were willing to buy my designs to own a unique piece, I decided to create my own website to complement my current store. 


I am inspired by life itself, by what surrounds me every day. I like to dedicate my work to holiday events - Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and, of course, Valentine's Day.


Do you like any of my drawings? You can make a purchase directly on the site. Or contact me if you want me to refine or modify your design. I can also draw any custom design based on your description. Just email me.


Thank you for your interest in what fills my life!